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Pehli Chudaai…… Bhabhi Ne Sikhaai!Sister in law teach how to fuck

This happened when I had just completed my 17 years. My elder
brother had got married a year ago. We are two brothers and a
who is already married. My parents are very religious kind and
always busy in religious activities. My brother was doing garment
business and I was studying in college.  

My Bhabhi liked me very much, because I was the only one to
whom she
could talk in home when brother was away on duty or touring.
looked after me very affectionately and gave me every emotional
support and care, and I felt at ease even in my parents’ absence.
was very nice to me. She called me ‘Lala’ which means
I always liked her proximity, as she was so beautiful with long
hair, fair skin, about 5’5″ and a nice figure. Her bust size must
have been around 38. I liked to see the shape of her boobs and
always seeking chances to get a glimpse of her mammary
whenever she bent forward and the Pallu of her Sari slid off.  

This incident occurred when my brother had to go on a business
for the first time after marriage. Parents had gone to visit
on pilgrimage for a month and Bhabhi was carrying out the
responsibility of running the house. Brother told me to stay home
most of the time studying as my exams were approaching and
by so
Bhabhi will also not feel lonely. Next day he caught the first bus
and went off on his journey. We both went to see him off at the

Bhabhi was very happy that day. When we reached home she
called me in
her room and said that I should sleep in her room for the time
brother was away. She told me to take my books there to study. I
so happy to hear that and immediately shifted my study table and
books in her room. She cooked and we ate. Then she gave me
fruits to
eat. While giving me the fruits, she squeezed my hand in a
manner and smiled. I blushed as I sensed this smile was
from the usual one. This was a mischievous smile.  

After dinner she went to her bed and I went to my study table.
were summer days and it was quite hot that day. I put off my shirt
and banyan and sat there only in trousers. There was a mirror on
wall above the table and I was watching Bhabhi in the mirror.
She was
removing her sari and then she looked towards me. She could
not think
that I was watching her reflection. Then she unbuttoned her
and removed it. I saw her well- developed breasts partially held
the while laced bra. Her boobs were extra large and the brassier
wore was not able to hold them properly.  

She went to the bed and lay on it flat, covered her breasts with a
see through dupatta. For a second I desired to look at her but
thought it was not good to do so and I kept my eyes on my book.
was sleeping. Dupatta gave way and now her round and solid
were clearly visible, moving up and down as she was taking
breaths. It was almost 12 p.m. when I closed my book and was
about to
put off the lights when I suddenly heard her low vibrating
voice. ‘Lala, yahan aao.’ I stepped towards her. She had, by now
covered her breasts again with the dupatta. ‘Kya hai Bhabhi ?’ I
said politely. ‘Lala, mere saath so jao na. Hum thodi der baat
karenge phir tum apne bister pe jaake so jaana.’ She

First I hesitated and then agreed. I used to sleep with my undy
and now I was feeling difficulty in sleeping with trousers. She
guessed very correctly and to my astonishment she said, ‘Koi
nahi, Lala. Tum apni pant utaar do aur jaise roj sote ho waise hi
mere paas so jaao. Sharmao mat. Aao na.’
I couldn’t believe my luck. Switching the light off and putting the
night lamp on, I went to the bed beside her. I was now lying
next to the half- naked body I kept admiring for months. I could
clearly see her boobs from an angle where they looked almost
naked as
only a small portion covered by her bra. The view was
fantastic. ‘Itne mahino se mai akeli kabhi soi nahi na, is liye ab
aadat nahi hai akele sone ki.’ She explained. ‘Aur mai kabhi kisi
ke saath is tarah soya nahi.’ I could hardly find words. ‘Anubhav
le lena chahiye. Kaam aayega,’ she giggled and held my hand
pulling it towards her. She then placed it on her thumping
My breathing sped up. I could not speak a word but I kept my
hand as
it was placed.  

‘Mujhe yahan kuchh khuja raha hai. Thoda sahalao na.’ I started
rubbing her breasts from above her bra. She took my hand and
it under the cup of the bra. I inserted my hand all the way inside
the bra and started rubbing the flesh vigorously. My palm felt her
chuchchi (nipple) getting hard. The feel of the soft flesh was
but at the same time I was having some difficulty in moving my
inside the bra cup.  

Suddenly she turned her back to me and said, ‘Lala, ye angiya
ki hook khol do.’ I obeyed and with trembling hands removed the
of the brassier, which she pulled off her body and threw it on the
floor. She took my hands and placed them again on her bare
chhati and
said, ‘Thoda aur dabao na.’ I, in a fit of excitement, went on to
enjoy playing with her milk-pots. They were round, big and firm
dark brown inch-long nipples. First time I had touched the soft
roundness of a fully- grown woman. Bhabhi was also enjoying
kneading and squeezing of her breasts. My lund was getting
hard. I
was wearing only the underwear and my 7.5″ lund was now
forcing its
way out. I got full erection. As I was playing with her boobs and
nipples, I had come close to her body and was slightly on my
That made my lund to poke in her thigh. She all of a sudden
said, ‘Lala, ye meri tangon ko kya chubh raha hai?’ I was getting
bolder now, ‘Yeh mera hathiyaar hai. Tumne bhaiya ka to dekha
na?’ ‘Haath laga ke dekhun?’ she asked but before I could reply
placed her hand on the bulge and felt my erect lund. She closed
fingers around the length and held it tight. ‘Baap re! Ye to bahut
kadak hai,’ she said and turned towards me. She slid her hand
the underwear and took my throbbing lund out from above the
waistband. Gripping it, she moved her hand along the length of
shaft down pulling the foreskin and bringing the supada
out in the clear. She stared at the size and shape of my lund in
astonishment. ‘Lala! Kahan chhupa ke rakha tha ise itne din?’
asked. ‘Yahin to tha tumhare saamne. Magar tumne kabhi
dhyaan hi
nahi diya.’ ‘Mujhe kya pata tha tumhara itna bada hai. Chhote
ka lauda bade bhai ke lauday se bada ho sakta hai maine socha
nahin tha.’ I was both surprised and amused by her bindaas
when she used the word ‘lauda’ for the cock. She was squeezing
pulling my lund hard in her hand. She then pulled her petticoat
her waist and started rubbing my erect lund between her legs.
turned towards me for better grip of my lund. Her boobs were
close to
my face. I was pressing both of them together with my hands.
she smashed her
breasts in my face and said, ‘inko chooso, mu
leke.’ I took a mouthful of her left doodh and sucked it hard.
Released it for a moment and said, ‘mai hamesha tumhare
blouse me
kase tumhare mamme dekhta aur hairan hota. Unko chhune ki
karta aur choosne ki kalpana karta. Tum nahi jaanti Bhabhi,
mere lund
ko kitna pareshaan kiya hai tumne.’ ‘Achha? To phir aaj apni
ko roop dedo. Jee bhar ke chooso aur dabao.’ My tongue could
her hard nipple. I twirled my tongue around her jutting nipples.
I took her right doodh in my mouth and gave it the same
treatment. I
was gripping both her mangoes in my hands and sucking them
one by one
so as to squeeze all the aamras from them. She was pulling at
lund and was snuggling close to me. She put her left leg on my
and brought my lund between her legs. I could feel some silky
sensation between her legs, which was nothing but her pubic
zone. She
was not wearing panties! The tip of my lund was wandering in
jungle of pubic hair. I was loosing my patience. ‘Bhabhi, mujhe
kuchh ho raha hai….mai apne aape me nahi hun. Please mujhe
mai kya karoon?’ I heard myself saying. ‘Tumne kabhi kisi ladki
choda nahi aaj tak?’ ‘Nahi.’ ‘Itna tagda lauda leke bhi kuchh
nahi kiya? Kitne dukh ki bat hai. Shaadi tak aise hi rahna chahte
kya?’ What could I say? I found no words and kept looking at her.
She brought her face close to mine and whispered, ” apni Bhabhi
chodoge?” ” K.kyun nahin..” I managed to say with dry throat. She
smiled seductively and releasing my lund said, ” theek hai. Apni
chaddi utaar ke poore nange ho jaao.” I got gown from the cot
took my underwear off. With my lund standing erect I stood there
fully nude in front of my half nude Bhabhi. She leered at my
and then pulled the string of her pettycoat to loosen it. “ise bhi
utaar do!” I tugged at her only garment and it came off as she
raised her hips. She spread her legs and I got a good view of her
exposed choot surrounded by her small ‘jhaant ke baal’. I was so
excited to see her nude body glistening in the dim light, lying
showing all her body parts like a goddess of chudaai. Then she
me to climb her. I came on top of her. She put her arms around
shoulder and embraced me. Our bodies met. My lund was
poking her
flesh, her boobs were getting crushed under my chest and our
met. We kissed tenderly for the first time and then passionately. I
rubbed my lips and cheeks all over her face roughly. Moving her
from my back and shoulder she held my head and pushed it
downwards. I
brought my lips from her lips to her chin, throat, shoulders and
boobs. I took them in my mouth and sucked her nipples. I went
on to
play with them once again nibbling, squeezing and kneading
them. She
rotated lower part of her body to wriggle it out from mine. With our
legs diverging from each other she put her right hand under my
and reached for my tool. She clutched it and started jerking it.
with her left hand she took my right hand and brought it between
legs. As my right hand found her choot she rubbed it over her clit.
Taking the cue from her I started rubbing her choot as I
sucking her doodhs. “Lala! Ungali andar daalo na,” saying so
pressed my fingers on the opening. I forced my forefinger in the
of her phuddi and it went in. It was a great feeling as my finger
wandered inside rubbing the inner walls of her choot. The
action of her choot was squeezing my finger and it was feeling
warmth and moistness. She gave a loud moan as my finger hit
‘choot ka
daana’ (clitoris). After some time I took my finger out and again
climbed on top of her body. She opened her legs apart and
taking my
throbbing lund in her hand placed its tip on the opening of her
choot. The touch of her thick pubic hair was maddening me. ‘Ab,
apna lauda meri bur me ghusao.. dheere se… pyaar se. Nahi to
dard hoga. Aaaaaahhhhh!’ I found it difficult at first, being a
novice, and tried to thrust my lund into her tight phuddi. It hurt
her a bit. But as her choot was already wet due to my finger
insertion and as she guided slowly holding my lund in her hand,
found the opening. With one thrust the cock-head was in. The
was exhilarating. Bhabhi could not get time to change her side or
move before the second thrust send the total length of my
inside the paradise zone of her choot. ‘Uiiii maa… oooooh… Lala,
aise hi raho kuchh der. Hilna nahi.’ Bhabhi was probably in pain
having a bigger and thicker lund inside her as compared to
experiences. I waited with my lund fully inside her choot. I was
feeling the walls of her choot constricting the length of my lauda.
watched her boobs protruding from her body and pointing
towards me. I
reached for them and held them in my grip. As I started
squeezing her
amorous milk-pots her hip started moving. ‘Lala !! Shuru karo.
chodo…’ She had her hands on the sides of my gaand and was
to push towards and then away from her. I started the in and out
motion. Slowly first and as I got the judgement, the pace
I was now fucking her like a man, with vigor and valor. Bhabhi
also reciprocating. Writhing and gyrating under my spell. Room
filled with her moaning, ‘aaaaannnhhh aaanhh ooooooh
oooooh!!! Mar
gayee re! Laaaala, chod re chod, uiiiii maaaaa’ and my grunting,
hmm hmmm, le Bhabhi le, mera lund le, aaaaaah aaaah ooooh

I was equally enjoying the expressions on her face. I could see a
combination of pain and ecstasy on her face. She was taking all
might with gritting teeth and sparkling eyes. I felt I was riding a
volcano and then all of a sudden the molten lava burst out of the
volcano mouth. She encircled me in her open arms and clung to
me very
tightly, squeezing me with her maximum force as we climaxed. I
my lund exploding and filling her choot with my cum. We were
exhausted and tired. ‘Uff Lala, tumne to kamaal kar diya,’ she
whispered in my ear. ‘Kamaal to aapne kiya hai Bhabhi. Aapke
protsahan se hi mai ye kaam kar saka.’ And I kissed her on her
vibrating lips.  

We lay close and face to face. Her warm breath I could feel on
face. She was fondling my lund and the hanging andve (balls)
it. I inserted my finger in her choot and started stroking its inner
walls. I was also sucking her nipples one by one. Soon we were
again and ready to fuck. I mounted her once more and started
the act
of chudaai for the second time, That night we hardly slept. We
as many as three times and were very tired and feeling lethargic
the morning when I heard the alarm of my table time-piece. It
six o’clock in the morning. She looked at me, smiled and planted
burning kiss on my lips and bit them a little. Then she asked me
sit on the table before she opened the door. I obeyed. She left
room and got herself busy in the daily chores with a beaming
satisfied face.  

x x x  

I didn’t go to college that day. After breakfast I kept studying till
lunch. After lunch bb
wearing a choli and lehnga came to my
room and
sat near me on the cot. She took the book from my hand and
said, ‘bahut jyada padhaai mat karo. Sehat par asar hoga’ and
winked at me. I pulled her to me and kissed her on her lips. She
responded by opening her mouth a bit taking my upper lip
between her
lips. It was a long and passionate kiss.  

‘Tum kitni achhi ho, bb’, I said, ‘mujhe apni bur di. Mujhe chodna
sikhaya. Bhaiya bhi tumhe aise hi chodte hain kya?’ ‘Chodte to
lekin wo tumhare jitne taaqatwar nahin hain. Unka lauda bhi
se chhota hai aur tumhare laude jitna mota bhi nahin hai. Bahut
paani chhod dete hain aur turant so jaate hain. Magar mai
pyaasi rah
jaati hun aur raat bhar jalti hui bur liye jaagti rahti hun.’ She
said embracing me strongly and pulling my face to her bosom. I
pressed my lips on her cleavage while my hands were moving
on the
back of her choli. I untied and made her choli loose. Then
my right hand in front I put it inside her choli from the loose
bottom and cupped her left doodh. My left hand by now had
down to her gand and raising her lehnga had caught the right
half of
her chootar. She was not wearing anything underneath and my
hand was
squeezing the soft round and smooth flesh. My semi erect lund
started getting hard. bb put her right hand under my trousers’
waistband and reached down to the ‘Qutub Minar’ soon. ‘Lala,
lauda bahut jordaar hai. Kitna kadak, kitna badaa aur mota. Raat
jab maine ise dekha aur tumse chudwaane ka socha to pahle
aisa laga
ki ye meri bur phaad dega.’ She was playing with my pubic hair
the pole in between. I had long thick pubic threads. She was
after that and enjoyed her weakness. After some time she took
hand out and pulled the naada of my trouser. She got up and
her choli and then pulled my trouser. I raised my hips to let it
slide out. My kadak lund was facing the ceiling as I sat on the cot
watching bb’s bobbing boobs. She kneeled in front of me and
held my
lund in her hand. She jerked it for a few seconds and suddenly
brought her mouth on it and took it in. I was shocked. Never had
ever dreamt that such thing happened. ‘bb ye kya kar rahi ho?
lund mu me kyon daal rahi ho?’ ‘Choosne ke liye, aur kahe ke
Tum aaram se baithe raho aur lund chuswaai ka mazaa lo. Ye
sab to
duniya me hota rehta hai’, and she started to suck my lund as if it
was an ice candy. It gave me a sensation hard to describe. I was
the seventh heaven. It didn’t take long before I felt I will
explode. I almost screamed, ‘Bhaaaaaabheeeeee, mera paani
wala haaai..’ But she wouldn’t listen and kept on sucking the
Soon when it became unbearable I shot my paani all over her
Some of it fell on her doodhs. What a scene it was. My thick white
juice was oozing out from her mouth, smeared on her lips,
cheeks and
glistening on her golden boobs. ‘Kyon laala, mazaa aaya?’ she
while I wiped all the juice from her face and boobs with a piece
of a

‘Bahut maza aaya, bb’, I said. ‘Ab tumhari baari hai.’ ‘Kya
matlab?’ I was a bit confused. ‘Ab tum meri bur chaato’, saying
raised her lehnga high enough to show her phuddi and stood so
to me that my face was only an inch away from it. I let my lips
the lips of her choot. She held my head and pressed it on her
I put my both hands behind her and held her gaand. I caressed
gaand with my hands and at the same time rubbed my lips all
her pubic area. ‘Aaaaaah…’, she moaned, ‘jeebh se chaato
ll….meri bur ko.apni jeebh meri bur ke andar daalo.’ By this time
I was getting mad from the erotic aroma of her choot and exotic
of my lips on it. Without taking my mouth off her snatch I forced
to sit on the cot while I slid down on the floor. Bb spread herself
on the cot giving me full access as I started licking her cunt-lips
with my tongue. Then I forced my tongue to enter her choot and
started licking the inside walls. Bb was writhing with pleasure
was pushing her choot against my tongue. ‘Andar bahar
karo..chodo…apni jeebh se meri bur ko chodo’, bb kept
me. Getting the idea I then started fucking her choot with my
I was now enjoying this oral form of chudaai. Bhabhi was
climax now. ‘Aur tej karo…. Laalaa… aur jor se karo.. ooooooooh..
aaaaaaahhh.. ueeeeee maaaaa’, she kept shouting till she
climaxed and
I saw juice flowing out of her choot. My lund was rock hard again.
stood up and started stroking it with my hand. I wqanted fuck her
again. As I started to mount her she stopped me. ‘Bur me nahin !
ise ab meri gaand me daalo’, she said as she got up and sat on
cot. I was in for another surprise. ‘Gaand mein? Lekin….. !”

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