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Ma Tujhe Salam

Hello my name is haleem I had sex with my mother..I m 24, I m a very shy I have not masturbated and I didn’t know what sex I would not get a hard on, or I didn’t think about girls or women’s I had friends who talked about fucking a girl, women are aunt I was not interested in it only one thing interested me cricket. About some months ago I was playing cricket and ball had entered into a bush in our ground, so I had to enter the bush and search for it..i began searching the trees, plants, a lot ants were already biting my legs, but I ignored it and kept on searching then I felt a sudden hard pinch which took my hands directly to my balls,

I just held the ant from my pants and crushed it. And scratched it, unbearable itching had started in my balls, I went to home, when later in night before walking I was feeling uncomfortable to walk, I walked somehow, then after dinner when I was going to wash my hands in a basin, I felt much pain couldn’t it was hurting, then I went to bathroom removed my night pant saw the balls had become big, I didn’t had other option to show it to my mom, I was so shamed, I went kind of sad, and sat and then said to her..Mommy, I have a pain, she said where it is, I first told her the whole story. She said to show her my cock; I was so ashamed, I felt my mom hands on my jeans.

Then I felt her pulling my pants down and then I felt my dick was a new feeling, I opened my eyes and saw my mom removed my penis, I felt a cold wind blew and she held my very hot penis in her cold hands..And explored my balls, I was feeling the pain, but I was kind of enjoying it..She just asked to put back my pants and said lets go to clinic nearby..i was ashamed, I said I won’t show it to female doctor, she said ok, she took me by auto as I can’t walk, in hospital she discussed with nurse that to female nurse I was so ashamed, then my mom and I was followed a nurse to male doctor room, my mom told about the incident and doc ask me to remove the pants and underwear and then to ly on bed I said to doc that I want female nurse out, he smiled this is her work, you have to remove the pants I felt like crying and I removed my pants and underwear, nurse aunty was seeing I walked hard to bed, and slept widened cursing the batsmen who had hit the ball in bushes. And widened my leg..Doc came and he wore gloves saw the balls.

He then asked me to stand up..and asked nurse aunty to give me a injection .nurse aunty rubbed some smelling cotton on my ass and gave injection, and he gave a slip to my mom, and told the nurse to give some towel, to wrap, around, I was kind of crying..asked my mom..not to let me wear a underwear and pants for three days..And see that I don’t itch. Then nurse brought the towel, and my mom and nurse wrapped it around, and I was taken outside any 1 can c that I had a hard on inside towel, I was driven in auto. When we reached home, my neighbor started to enquire about it..Two of my mom friends walked let me describe how my mom looks like, my mom is a 6 ft giant, with big boobs, big fat ass, my neighbors aunty one name is saranya..she is thin,5.5feet same height of mine, medium weight, medium boobs, but very sexy voice, and good looking, and other aunty is revathi she is 5.2 shorter than any of us, is a fat, round faced lady..

As soon I entered home, I tried to go to my room, mom asked me to stay in living room, aunty saranya..came next to me, asked me to remove the towel, I said no, I won’t aunty saranya tried to remove I pushed her..then I felt my ear been twisted my mom was holding my ears behave haleem, show it to her she has seen many of boys naked ..she won’t eat you or your penis, I was like crying then aunt revathi came said to don’t cry like a baby we are your aunties good boy remove your towel, I didn’t then aunty revathi removed my towel, I was half naked down, wearing only a tshirt crying like a child, my dick in afraid had not got hard..then aunt revathi took my balls in her hand and saw, aunty sarany was holding my little dick, mom was telling about the incident..she came next to me wiped my eyes my boy don’t cry..and removed my t shirt..i was standing fully naked, aunty saranya pulled me to her lap, I sat on her lap..hugged from behind haleem you will be okay…mom said haleem just sit in aunt reva lap, I have to apply this cream it .

Then after 15 mins we have to wash with cold water then have to apply another cream again, and she said to saranya aunty that if revathi is stronger and can hold me..if he tries to runaway..or itch , then I said what it will burn I won’t apply..then I tried to get away mom said haleem I will beat you..i said ok but I won’t apply then she said I will apply little by won’t feel it, I said ok , then I sat in aunt reva lap, feeling my ass on her nightie, she was holding my stomach and hands tightly, aunt sarany was holding my legs..then mom started to apply the cream, I felt a burn..i just sprang out of aunty reva lap..and holding my balls dancing shouting pain, it was burning..then my mom came holded me don’t cry baby you will be alright then she shouted to reva what r u doing, can’t u hold him tightly, she said u r haleem is not a baby boy..he is 24 and then mom said come let’s go to bedroom, she made me lie in bed..asked me to sleep in saranya aunty lap..and hug her tightly..i was hugging aunt saranya tightly my face was in between her boobs, I widened my leg, I felt aunt reva massaging my ass ,

Then felt mom apply the cream on balls, It was burning affect I huged tigtly and put my mouth on aunt sarany boobs..she started to hold me tightly and then it was over, mom said…over now you can sleep, my hands were going near balls to itch, she said…no haleem control only 15 mins you can wash off I felt itching, aunt sarany showed to my mom that his son had sucked the boobs ..they laughed I didn’t understand I was getting hard..then they were talking about something hand jacking, then mom asked do you jack off..i said what I don’t know anything ..they laughed aunt reva put her hand on my penis just did once up and down and said he doesn’t’ . I said what r u talking about mom, then they said’s a grown up thing, I got ashamed then after 15 min mom took me to wash room washed me up, I was hard as rock, I didn’t understand what had happened to me. She took me to room naked, where aunt reva and saranya were sitting ..

She then again applied the cream it was cold, it felt nice..then aunt reva pulled me to her you don’t feel ashamed. Mom said don’t tease him..and they said ok we will go home, she kissed me on cheek, aunt too kissed me cheek and went mom went and locked the door up..haleem you will sleep with me tonight she said I don’t want you to go for one min, doc has said no..and while talking she removed her saree..and blouse she was in bra she just removed her bra turning back, I shyed she saw me getting shy..she laughed, I m your mom haleem, and then she removed her saree and got in nightie ..and we slept , in morning when I woke up I could feel that my balls had returned to normal.

I was so thank full..for two days I was naked, and I was not allowed to wear dress..i had to go to doc, I was put up aunt reva nightie then only I went to hospital, after two days I went to college back, but I couldn’t get feelings of showing my mom nakedness, I was eagerly waiting for college to over..then I returned home, I saw dad had came, as soon as I entered home, dad asked to show my balls, I felt like I was to cry, I said no I won’t show, he slapped me for going inside bush, he even told me if some snake or other dangerous thing have bitten what had happened to them, he was opening my pants, mom came next to me pulled my underwear and showed to dad, he saw and said it’s alclear but keep on applying the cream, for a week more, mom said ok and dad left, she made me sit in her lap, she was wearing chamki saree..the chamkis were pressing my thighs..

While she was applying the cream, I was watching tv, her rubbing got me hard, and I was rock was still rubbing my balls, she put oil and was rubbing my penis now..i felt so good, I just put it bikini show was coming ..i just holded my mom hand and asked to rub my penis up and down I didn’t why I had asked..she started to rub up and down..and I started to moan….i was feeling in heaven…she kept on rubbing pinching my stomach fat, I was watching bikini show..i said to mom, it feels so do it fast, more fast..she started to pump my cock in her hand very fast..i said mom , I feel I want to see hr naked…mom just chewed my ear lobes in her lips, I felt so good I was moanin..then suddenly I felt my head spin..ahhh, ddddddd, ahhh, ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh..i shouted mom ..

Then I started to shoot my milk,but she didn’t stop..she kept on pumping..then she slowed down..her finger s was full of my cum, thick stings like….my cock was vibrating..i was tired…she just took it to her lips and sucked. I just jumped aside next to her..she said son now you are grown up. I loved what mom did, next day when reva aunty and saranya aunty were sitting in home chatting with my mom, after returning from home I sat next to mom, and whispered in ears of mom, mummy send these aunty home soon, I want you to pump my cock, mom laughed not now..go to room, finish your homework , in night she said..i said please mummy please..both aunties laughed..and asked what does haleem said yesterday I masturbated him, he is asking again, then reva said..come here haleem, she holded my pants belt pulled me to her lap, I m your aunty too..shall I make you come, I looked at mom, mom smiled.,

Then reva said what are you looking at mom, if you agrees your mom agrees, and then again I looked at mom, she said ok..and she said haleem I will video cam this moment..i said ok, then mom brought video cam on it, and aunt saranya removed my pants and pulled my underwear down, I holded aunt reva head and got out of my pants and underwear, I was 3 inch dick, she said so mall cutie let me kiss it, and aunt saranya kissed it..aunt reva pulled me and put my balls in her mouth..i was getting hard..and zoom, I was hard as rock, and anyone can use it as hanger I was now 5 inch hard..and then aunt reva said to saranaya..i want him, and pulled me and took me in her arms, she throwed me in bed, and removed her saree, blouse, bra, and underwear, I said what r u doing aunty I just want some one to play with my cock, she was allover me, kissing fondling my chest, pinching my ass, I saw my mom also getting naked, and aunt sarany too, I was also kissing aunt reva..

I was putting my hands on her boobs and fondling aunt saranya was kissing my back, mom was holding my dick and playing with my balls, then mom shouted, every one side, she made me sleep and asked her friends to kiss me from top to bottom, I felt lips on my eyes, cheek, lips, they were biting me, and three hands on my dick, pulling plucking, I was moaning mom was kissing my nipples , stomach I don’t know what I was doing I had just inserted my finger in mom pussy, and was pushing inside..then with other hand I put revaa pussy, aunt saranya was sitting in my face, holding hair asking to like her pussy, to be continued

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